Final Fantasy XIV Patch Bande-annonce 3.4 Shows Off New Primal Sofia and Alexander Last Foray

During a Lettre Final Fantasy XIV Producteur of held VIVO Tokyo Game Show 2016 was producer and game director Naoki Yoshida another preview players été can expect in the patch next, 3.4, gift soul meurent h Tuesday will be, you 27 Septembre .. .First, we get a glimpse of Alexander: the creator, the last part of the series of raids Alexander. At home patch and normal versions of Savage raids they are available.

Then it was shown that the nearest houses. An apartment block is the station will be added in each and subdivision, and 90 apartments will be dans each complex. The apartments will cost 500,000 Final Fantasy XIV Gil per unit, and will be Chocobo stables and a lobby each building dans, dans la tenants can. Aquariums are also added in patch 3.4, with a period of an aquarium at home.

The type of water the water, either fresh or sea, is to determine what kind of fish, you can also in the aquarium. The size of the aquarium will also determine which size and amount of fish that can s set. He added new hairstyles and transmission 3.4 are presented. Then take a look at the two new dungeons: Xelphatol and Library States Gubal (hard).

The continuation of the side missions Hildibrand is also a return to 3.4. A new feature will debut to be dans 3.4 are. Players can recruit NPCs and adventurous form squads, which is then sent to exercise and fulfill special missions. There are also plans for his squad capable of accompanying dungeons in the future. In addition, PVP duels will also be added, alors players apply to other fights One-on-one.

In Duel Arena, specific target player want to duel and submit an application. once the function is implemented in mourning, it will not be synchronized item level. However, comments players ever, a synchronization item level can be added at a later date. The new Remorque was also a vision of America in Mourir additional floors of the palace of the deep dungeon dead. 3.4 patch continuation of the series of studies Triad War with contenir Bay P1T6 see. This feature will struggle Sophia, meurent goddess. The walls surrounding the arena will be fragile, but not into having a permanent loss of life, because these characters are capable high I tombé.


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