League Of Legends Continue To Add New Fields For Many Years

League of Legends Riot Games Studio 10 years ago, and as a fifth grader riding his first bicycle, is only the beginning. Riot announced this week that the League of Legends 103 million monthly active player has, compared to 67 million in 2015. Compare that with Dota 2, last month was 13.5 million players or watch the players total group around 15 million.

League of Legends is a mass phenomenon and helps pave the way for electronic sports such as public awareness and cooperation with universities will be in the next generation of competitive games to start League of Legends Boosting Service. The game itself is also huge. There are 132 in the Champions League of Legends, with each act of individual abilities, personalities, feature stories, voice and riot gear selection and constantly adding more. Even today, the company has teased a new champion, bringing the total revised 133rd.

This number will grow for a long time, the head designer Greg Street game says Engadget. "We have not for some time in" care problem for many champions, "Street said" if you ask me. "This I is a maximum magic number of champions to support the league" I recognize that? It is likely, but it is probably a good number, and we will not achieve for many years.

In the coming years, a new champion of the liberation of one of the most exciting player in the league of moments is, and not lose the feeling. "In recent years, the rebellion its release rate slowed down, said the street However, this is not an attempt to limit the number of teachers...Instead, it is a quality conscious effort each new playable character to improve: "I can not imagine the game from scratch me redesign," says street.

"We are making changes all the time, and that includes the old masters need new updated visuals, new sounds, new stories background or those who do not meet the depth Modern Masters game now." Rue hesitate to League of Legends "to complain massive popularity. Finally, many game designers aim to create something that millions, even billions of people around the world playing regularly. But with a huge database players of have unique problems.

League of Legends is a global game. There are people at this time in Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, United States, South Korea, Denmark, South Africa and play dozens of other countries, and each of these regions has its own peculiarities. Balancing all these areas is one of the most difficult aspects of street work. For example, riffing Champion Jinx on a prototype Badass anarchist woman, something they understand the Western public.

However, the prototype really exists elsewhere in the world, Street said. These are the strange contradictions that have to think about the implementation of new champions or mechanical. "Even in an area, we have players of very different levels of difficulty, from a true beginner go all the way to a team member professional electronic sports, but all are relatively balanced game" Street said.

"League Players should be hard enough normally, so it can be fun to explore how diversity can be the Union, but with 100 million players, variety is pretty amazing." offices worldwide, riot and roadmaps to provide these employees an overview of the local atmosphere. Moreover Riot periodically polls the players what they want to see the game, be fixed or added. In the end, it is balance.

"As a developer, it is easy to become paralyzed with fear of change could ruin the night of so many players," Street said. "But on the other hand, players have high expectations, so do not take to solve problems. You should pay attention to the effects of changes you make, but you have to make do."


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