League of Legends Patch Released 6.18 Patch Will Be WM

This is one each. Published today, the League of Legends patch patch 6.18 will be the 2016 World Cup will be played As such, changes in the patch are not huge, but certainly affect the landscape of professional game. Yes, this means that standard peaks as Ekko, Gnar, Shen and Vladimir are getting hammered. Ekko is based AD dropped to reduce the efficiency of newly built Trinity Force.

While its top track Gnar constant nemesis had its reuse time jump increased less easy to ensure that your step. Shen will not do much damage while on the track, and Vladimir Sustain was a great success. Oh, and the lone hero queue will be happy to know that Yasuo armor damage tear build small objects. Meanwhile volley Ashe is to make the cooldown of less dominant on the track, Lissandra is not like before, do not make a lot of health League of Legends Boosting Service.

Rek'Sai tanky is not as natural as before, not vague Taliyah pushing so hard for your nerves Q and W. Hammer frost so strong offensive will be more, not damaged, but be a solid choice for fighters tanky. Reducing balance! Hooray! As for the fans, Lux and Lulu had both improved their skills delays, Nocturnes Awe now takes longer, and ready. Finally, the revised Yorick comes with the introduction of the new patch. Take a look at the score.


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