All About The Next Buddy System Guide Pokemon GO

Learn all about the buddy system, which will be added in a future update of Pokemon go, including how the distance should be needs extra candy to win. From the beginning, Niantic clear that Pokemon GO is an experience like pocket monsters themselves in the game, will grow over time. One way that Pokemon GO is a next update will be developed by adding the buddy system, coaches can travel with a Pokémon of your choice out of his Pokeball. There are some advantages that can be done, so anyone who wants to know the purpose of the buddy system and how it works can use this guide to learn everything there is to know about the upcoming Pokemon GO function.

First, the player will be able to have a pokemon go rare pokemon, as the name of "friend" at some point. While the co-worker called Pokémon, players will not be able to use it for other tasks in the game. So if Pokémon was available, a Pokemon boyfriend would not be able to be the state of Pokemon the exchange of new partner was eliminated. Similarly, a Pokemon boyfriend is fighting battles gym.

Pokemon friends come in four different sizes: medium, shoulder, Large and fly. It seems that if the Pokemon size according to their actual size Pokemon, such as size and weight random relative to that associated with them GO Pokemon universe. Therefore a Snorlax means, for example, is never a Pokemon size "large" labeled as anything.

The purpose of having a boyfriend is sweet Pokemon. As any avid player knows GO sweet Pokemon is a precious commodity in the game, because it is the only way that players are able to develop their Pokemon. Each Pokémon in the game is assigned a distance of 1 km to 3 km, and on foot, the fixed distance is assigned to the Pokémon that players win new sidekick sweets. The vast majority of Pokemon only 1 or 2 KM need to get the candy, but there are some Pokémon that needs KM. 3

As expected, require players to keep winning more rare Pokémon candy for them. pokemon go rare pokemon data mining efforts have shown that even the legendary Pokémon have 3 km assigned to them as Mew, Mewtwo, Arktos, Moltres and Zapdos. The size of these Pokémon is also due to data mining, and revealed interesting Moltres is marked as "Big" Pokemon, as opposed to "fly", which are included on the label Articuno and Zapdos low.

In general, the buddy system must allow some Pokemon GO Trainer unusual to gain much faster Pokemon. It will also help make the progress of the most important players in the game, while others perform tasks such as searching for Pokemon or trying to hatch the eggs. imagine that the buddy system, and other features of the game will probably be refined over time, so some trails should be adjusted in future patches and updates.


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