Final Fantasy XIV Ending Story: Three years of a press Realm Reborn

There exist three years, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn reached two possible actions: the critical error that ousted his predecessor in 2010, showed that the genre is alive. Naoki Yoshida producer and director traces the evolution of the title to find out how things sophisticated study. Very rare in the game world caption "Reborn" is anything but an empty hyperbole. In the case of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn but it is almost an understatement.

The original Final Fantasy XIV Gil - the second MMO RPG legendary series after 2002 FFXI - was launched in late 2010 after five years in the development of life. Despite climbing trees, critics and players win the game for their technical problems, awkward design and a bad history, we drop the subscription fee and port of PS3 delayed indefinitely within months Publication.

Naoki Yoshida producer and director was asked to revise the title, and cut no corners in their efforts to restore the legacy of its namesake. "With the release of A Realm Reborn, we have literally changed everything about FFXIV" he recalls. "The game itself is changed, but also other elements such as server stability, convenience of a party and forms of action, most have been changed. With all the changes, the title was FFXIV expectations of being the last title of the Final Fantasy series meet ".

The work has paid off; when it hit stores in August 2013 A Kingdom Reborn Praise gathered for the same aspects for which his predecessor was criticized in 2015 and the title of the audience of five million paying subscribers took. regular patches and further expansion last year, Heavenward reinforced that FFXIV was here to stay. "If we change that part, you would not choose to create a new game from scratch," says Yoshida.

"Our intention was to completely change the game. We have to do a lot of attention to a MMORPG in history driven, therefore, it gets a lot of positive feedback on the spot, and the sky was one of the things lucky that we have lived. therefore, the story will remain our goal. "the first FFXIV was held in the Crystal Tools engine house Square Enix, which also supplies the trilogy Dragon Quest X FFXIII.

Although it was praised for its visual fidelity, which turned out to be a player as considerable resources for too many FFXIV. It was this balance, Yoshida and his team desired. "A Kingdom Reborn and sky Ward, who works in the game engine, which was built especially for FFXIV" he says. "For a MMORPG, is a title in the Final Fantasy series is necessary to make as many characters as possible at the same time. is also expected to be FFXIV that the quality of the franchise to meet. To realize these objectives, the engine exclusive game was built "Within three years, was FFXIV will be rebuilt, the latest generation of consoles gears were quiet to begin; A kingdom Reborn would not only its predecessors, services PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, LeapFrog, but also the technological leap for PS4 and Xbox One makeup.

"To ensure the proper functioning of PS3 and PC specifications below, highly customizable display options, so players can adjust the settings to their preferences," says Yoshida. "These are some of FFXIV something unique. The team also maintained its update for the game is compatible with DirectX 11, which was launched as the new hardware at the same time. The same DirectX11 coding was recently applied to the PS4 version of the game.


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