Black Desert Players Online - Payment Protest Changes To Win In The Game Of Stakes Signs

Recent modifications that allow players, quality products to sell on the market in the game, Black Desert protest online players - and not just in the forums or subreddit, but all the major cities of game. This started in response to a message from current forum before one of the community manager Black Desert Silver in detail how objects that could be obtained only by spending real money - such as special suits and pets - on sale soon, with other players home game currency.

And judging by the looks of things, players are not happy. Everywhere in the game world, some of the largest unions have established protests in major cities, while carrying signs in the "pago 2 to win." Other unions have gone so far as to edit their badges showing on the territories that have slogans against-payment to win, and there are even more are dealing with a "black out" to meet next week his anger out expression.

Since its launch in North America and Europe this spring, Black Desert online has worried that is basically under constant control of players' pay-to-win ". This is mainly thanks to an online store (the pearl shop called) in the elements, which could be bought with real money, and while this is to curl small docks these days, many players were upset that the items sell offered special bonuses, otherwise not may get.

For example Pets offer advantages such as automatic looting of corpses, and could only be bought through the store or as a complement to a luxury version of the Black Desert online. With the change announced today these animals and other premium game currency is sold, a move that made the Black Desert developers, because "there will always be players who, for whatever reason, reaches not experience all the features of black desert offers, including store items pearl.

The addition of a mechanic who has access to Pearl Shop Merchandise granted currency in the game will allow more players to enjoy the content. "A seemingly much players do not see it as an advantage, however, with many arguing that encourages players to spend real money to sell products and large sums Silver Horde, which is a crucial resource in the economy Black Desert. Whatever page of the fence you fall on this topic, love that players use the game itself as a means to bring their feelings instead expressed only forums flocking're not going to Abyss pearl , Black desert online developers maintained its position has to wait and see.


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