MapleStory M - Excellent MMORPG or Extreme Effects Similar To The Original

According to the assessment of many, MapleStory M is somewhat closer to the original than the previous MapleStory Pocket seniors. Recently, Nexon continues announced time period Clode 2nd Beta for new darling MapleStory M. It is known that this mobile game will start entering the closed beta phase 2nd from 26/07 to 01/07 days Korean at home. Encouraged from the fans, "authentic", MapleStory was immediately met by a mobile version again after Maplestory Mesos disappointing Pocket MapleStory community.

Introduced for the first time at G-Star 2015, MapleStory M has expertise with visitors rated quite well, they said that this version of the game was quite close and similar to the original than the elder Pocket Maple earlier. The game will focus on reviews Patry more parts and graphics style "classic" interface, maps and many familiar features from the original.

MapleStory M will own 5 character classes - a figure similar to the PC version include Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, and Captain. Besides, the game was far ahead of the richness and diversity of gameplay value. There, you can see the number of items, equipment and ability to customize investment of MapleStory M is extremely aggressive, gamers can tweak your character freely.

Still just put on my robe simple 2D graphics, but the characters in MapleStory M extremely cute, personality and quite detailed. From the costumes to the clothing, weapons, from the colorful scenery color, ... they all show up with gorgeous cartoon drawing promises an extremely vivid picture of the human eye play. The attack effects, flames, lightning bolts, ... are flooded fly screen competition.

As with the other games of the same genre, the first time in MapleStory M gamers will perform the most basic tasks to learn the features and get used to the vast game world. Apart from the plow level monsters, players of can set up a team to explore the dungeon with giant bosses and attractive rewards. Control mechanisms in the game is very easy to become familiar with the virtual on-screen buttons are arranged very reasonable and smart, does not affect too much to combat vision.


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