Paying For Events Win Hit The Streets Of Black Desert Online

Korean MMO Black Desert online - yes, beautiful - a recent change in the economy of the game means that players would be crazy to sell a little short...The change, players buy items rotate with real money and then sell them for the currency in the game can literally sparked protests in the game. Characters walking the streets, angry bear posters works.

Declaring PC gamers, while a given for this reason - are some items online Black Desert real money is only available so it opens things up so that they are accessible to everyone - only continue in plays concerns Western players, the feel of the game is "pay to win" a little for their own good ( Black Desert Silver is a purchase of $ 50, is not a F2P game). the introduction of something in the game, only fear of creating an unbalanced economy, with a small number of players real money for items that are paying then sell huge profits.

Who is here, I am very impressed that a game has the tools to allow players to protest properly and exactly how horrible I think it is. The game has a market cap and floor. It is impossible to place objects above or below a certain price protection for this market. Items for sale include providing what is essentially a monthly subscription called Value Pack clothes and Pearl Shop.

The intention was to give players who do not have to premium services or the ability of suits that can not afford the money without ponying enjoy. Of course, a minority of players chafe and suddenly says you can buy your way to win with this money. Of course, it is simply a method outside agriculture, high-quality weapons implies: "Night provider a" RNG base, which can be found in major cities at night.

50 Energy (a large investment) shows that an item you buy at a certain price. This may include a primary weapon as Liverto or fall Kzarka stab like that. As you can imagine, it is not essential to increase the flow of weapons to rank high in the game. They are also ridiculously expensive.


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