Aion EU: State Of The Situation After Mergers And Updates

Coincides with the recent arrival of the expected 4.9 update server and have the European servers Aion clearly received a new face. Aion EU servers have long struggled with low and inactive, but mergers servers that have been implemented, had a fantastic effect that would have been long ago. I recently decided to check in the game, and the experience was very nice.

It was a long time since've so many people involved in various PvP and PvE daily events seen actively and seems a good time to return to participate in the open world PvP. There are many groups to join PvP, and you will not have trouble finding opponents in most areas Endgame Aion. The seats are again (if there late ...) and new changes from 4.9 to further enhance the gaming experience located and pleasant.

Many players are now busy trying to meet the level 65 newly added Daevanion states that it is not only good for the role, but can in very refined PvP games with a lot of effort and time invested become. What I liked the updated version 4.9, was the reactivation of money example Manor that was taken alone now. The only part of the irritant is the point of receipt of the request input.

The abyss is finally re-enable newly added garrisons and tasks and equivalents players will probably enjoy the Statue of rooms event, through which a lot of Aion Kinah medals and Ceranium is obtained. While Gameforge was under heavy fire base Aion Kinah players, it seems to have learned to pay attention to the feedback of the players, and seems to have improved a lot in many ways.

Day updates Aion is now located to be much faster than before, and it seems promising that the update will arrive this year 5.0 days. Across the EU Aion really important changes have been introduced recently, and patch 4.9 is a great way to become active again if not just make the server, but the amount of content available to keep players every day to grow. Gameforge hopefully continue on the path of recovery and management of this player to keep oriented attitude.


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