The Next Feature About Tree of Savior: Guild Battles

ImcGames released information on upcoming guild battles. Clans can fight each other to improve your ranking and win TP. Salvador Greetings! This is the Tree of Savior Silvers of Dev Team. We are pleased to announce that we are on this blog more updates continue to maintain in the circuit, what happens behind the scenes before him. Today we introduce a new feature, right now: PvP.

First, note that this feature is still a work in progress and the final product may differ from what we present here. guild battles are a type of PvP play against guilds from different servers are competing with each other for joint victory. They are twice a day and the general classification of the Alliance is determined based on rules of ELO available.

Torres still guilds Guild competitors, are involved in their team headquarters, the first with opponents of the alliance guild Tour destroy the deadline, you will be declared the winner. The analysis of the strategies of the enemy and to develop defense strategies to their own main guild decisive factors for victory.

If a guild successfully destroyed the tower opponent within the time limit, victory with the highest number of kill the guild will be awarded. In the case of an even number of fatalities, the title goes to the Alliance of accumulated damage. This means that the need to consider offensive tactics and defense strategies of the alliance to win PvP.

The collection of guild members to develop strategies and discuss other methods of control before the entry guild battles of also gain an advantage will be decisive.


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