Morgan Proudly On The Cover Appeared In FIFA 16

Apparently Ashlyn Harris is a marker - in FIFA 16 For the first time, women were presented at EA Sports video games with these players like Alex Morgan added Orlando pride and Steph Catley on the covers. The game features 12 women's teams: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

"Sure, it's an honor to be on the cover with Messi is the best footballer in the world," Morgan said. "I feel it was time for women to take in a game. For people from different cultures to see at international level for women in games is exciting for fifa 16 coins to be involved."

For Harris, they told fans they play in the front and was "scores a lot of goals," the experience you will not forget. "The whole process, there when he moves from one million cameras and whenever there were things to click," Harris said. "They have my perfect braid, my cheekbones. It was the killer." Although it is something cool in a video game to be, the importance should be added, is not lost on Harris.

"Women's football is growing a lot, and just keep pushing and driving the train and hold to make a big impact," Harris said. "It starts with the team in Orlando to bring and for people in the stands. This is the approach. And to be fair, we must continue to return, so the challenge. Added games like FIFA 16 is that it helps in the growth, such as technology developed to eliminate EA sports game of the national teams of women.

"New technologies and capabilities, which saw a new way to offer FIFA 16 to play with the inclusion of the women's team," said Nick Channon, senior producer for FIFA 16. "We found this important step in the franchise celebrate, it was entirely appropriate one of the best to put the world on the cover, and Alex Morgan perfectly this role. is an artist in the game and a model out of it, and we are very pleased that could be part of the family EA SPORTS FIFA ".

Australia - Catley also sold on a cover of the game in their country of origin to be honored. After all, she won a vote of fans at the top with Messi and Australia international Tim Cahill being. "Every time I see a story, I'm like, after pinch myself, it really done? It's incredible," Catley said. "For the player FIFA 16 sport is simply huge, many people are authorized to play the game to learn the names and much more about, it's crazy people. So Play FIFA is amazing."

And as Harris and Morgan Catley surprised how realistic the game is. "When I play I'm afraid, you know, I do that? " Catley not do so through all the images that Harris and others have said. "But it's great, really great."


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