Tree of Savior is Lucky Tree

Recently launched the founder of access to life, the Tree of Savior Silver is a massively multiplayer action RPG anime style with a hotkey video capture is the same as the steam button screen. random video that resulted was too good to miss.

Redeemer visual tree instinct came over me while I was there a couple of weeks was investing future versions of steam. Pass the screenshots seen my type of game of hand-drawn graphics really attracted me, so I took one of the founders Pack Up ($ 9.99 - $ 49.99). A month after a quick March 29 have obtained.

Come March 29 started playing, confused for a few minutes on selecting a server, there is a mouse, but I need the keyboard and using ready for hours of adventure. Only the first option in the game, decided a name shared by all characters in the game would not work. He could not keyboard to enter text. I rebooted, I tried to change the settings, but nothing would work.

So I gave up what I saw on my list today. Fine steam pop game. Another try Tree of Savior. The search in the forums, I discovered that my problem was that I had a controller connected on my computer that made me hate the game. I disconnected and suddenly everything was in order. a very simple solution to a frustrating problem discovery solution was boring, but soon all is forgiven most of the time.

In those moments, I'm exactly where I wanted to be: look behind the wheel of an anime character shooting arrows over the onions and insects leaves. I took a screenshot.And also took me 11 minutes of video. know there is a table top left record, but do not know what was in it, let alone how to remove it.

I have tried almost all buttons except he knew a screenshot button would be because the key would start recording a stupid video. On the other hand, is very nice 11 minutes and more than enough of a look to the game, determined to help someone, it would be the kind of thing-free-to-play who want to try founder access time April 28.


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