This is the RO! New Career in Tree of Savior

IMC GAMES' online role-playing game - Tree of Savior, has been disclosed in four occupation promotional video: Monk, Druid, Elementalist and Sapper. Tree of Savior is known as the father of Ragnarok Online game producer - led IMC Games Jinxue Gui developed a new game, exposure the four occupational information this time.

Monk is purely based anticlerical attack occupation, substantially all of his skills are affected by "force", so players may need more patience to develop Monk this career. He has a "cocoon" of skills, you can in the absence of any harm down the enemy counter-attack back, which makes Monk played in the team when the tank becomes quite useful. In addition, his "Sunshine hands" will be three kinds addition, when combined with other professional Buff skills together with portable use, you can imagine to get more powerful effect.

Druid is to use the forces of nature clergy career, he can be a plant on the battlefield to attack the enemy or his own defense, because these skills can only exist in a place with plants to use, and therefore Druid can plant many grassland areas He showed his strong attack. He can control the plant-based and animal-based monsters, and even morph into specific monsters, and these monsters use skills.

Elementalist element is the use of powerful magic of the Master career, he can use curse petrochemical and lightning attacks Pyromancer and Cryomancer other mages do not have. When he found his high-end fire and ice magic skills take a long time, the relative power is very strong, if the BOSS battle or team tasks can be assisted team-mate will be able to play a significant effect. When he first faced with many enemies, you can call out "flame" moving freely attacked, quite powerful.

Sapper is especially good archers trap configuration patterns career with diverse traps, such as can be set in advance, at a specified time explosive Claymore, a variety of traps being surrounded by monster melee, can play a good effect.

For a player asked whether the role can dance or make gestures action, research and development team to answer, they have several basic position, future players can also purchase a new position, but the role can not dance. For the role of accessories such as angle, ears and so on how to obtain, R & D team said that the future there may be many ways to get players like to obtain from the monster, or their own production, or use Tree of Savior Silver purchase NPC.


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