Arma Changes Gem Road and Hammer Come Blade and Soul

Today, NCsoft has a head to the blade and soul announced in the coming weeks to progressive changes, including upgrade paths weapons and a number of new ways to improve your weapons with gemstone was added. Here are the details:

Currently, there are two paths to take players through their arms to update, describing as Moonwater plains and mountains with names of the silver zones you collect materials for their weapons. On June 1, the last lines of Mermaid and Pirate Plains moon so will be removed weapons and weapons on these roads will be redirected to the next development applicable money Mountains road.

To clarify, the profane true now only be able to progress to Oathbreaker and real siren will be able to progress certain Oathbreaker. The Way of the real pirates remain unchanged and only can progress Breeze True.

Part of the reason for this change is that the next event in the game, you will be able to reduce call for a new element, an upgrade costs Nebula stone weapon upgrade. These stones can be used instead of a gun evolution to reduce the amount of materials and gold for weapon upgrades, and can make the cost of updating reduce 10-40%.

To give you more background information about our decision in the original Korean version of Blade and Soul gold of the weapons were well in the publication of the withdrawal expansion silver mountains. If NCsoft saw when the average growth of money player leaves, they decided to give players an option as held for progress and age. While pirate and mermaid are generally cheaper than taking routes that are required to achieve continuous subordinates agriculture materials needed dungeons.

The official team of the experience of the players would be better able to serve in the new silver content to play, while some of the gun to eliminate the complexity of the path and updating upgrade costs in the short term. With the weapon upgrade through the fog off gun provided update Stones at the next event in the game, this is a perfect time for the old ways removed to help everyone to update faster and players over content they want read, can be obtained.


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