Blade and Soul Silver Mountain Dungeon Preview

With the upcoming expansion silver Mountains NCsoft is introducing eight new exciting Blade and Soul Dungeons and five experts (blue) and three heroic (purple). While this represents a major new challenge for new weapons and even accessories upgrade paths progress, Alma Shields and martial artists the most qualified cosmetic rewards, the blade and soul golds are even more offers.

Here is a brief summary of the three heroic dungeons in the upcoming expansion introduces silver mountains.

A demonic invasion was sealed in a city walls, and demons coordinated escape attempts to extend his vile influence. demons forces gather once again to break through the blockade, and that is, the soul that guards to help keep it under control.

Struggle to meet by a horde of undead unholy demon Jiangshi, you must divide your team together to defend demonstration centers Seal demons separate waves, and finally enter the same face necropolis of Queen Scorpion.

In the northern part of the mountains of money from a strain of live wild monsters called Jomu, people abducted as slaves and blood sacrifice. Queen Tetralisk Jomu worship as an ancient deity, and try to enhance their demonic snakes can escape its frozen captivity.

Fight for the first two heads fist and Jarakhan Sam and Lady Court next challenge, you should take to Chuchu, a large winged head, yetis miniature Convene as you try to beat him. You can choose the order in which the last two bosses do not win, but they are both until the defeat of the King of Naga Scale sheet and Queen Tetralisk.

During the Yeti is known in the area of ​​silver to eliminate odd villagers from time to time, the fisherman Yeti is a special case because it uses illusions to lure victims into his mouth. This was a particularly dangerous threat to local people, and is up to you to stop them and keep fishermen to catch Yeti other victims.

The avalanche Den has a number of unique obstacles on, including breeding of giant mushrooms and snowballs as issuable need to dodge or seized or reversed to avoid. You must use snowballs to hit the first boss, powerful Chubarro from its position to defeat him. The final boss, the fisherman Yeti tries to be, from that freeze and dismantle try to end his terrible reign.


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