AVABEL Online Beta Review

AVABEL start you off at the tower base layer, as a beginner. You need to buy AVABEL Gold. This can be down to the ground floor, this is the strange thing is, a field.Your only goal is to kill the monster and levels. Once you reach level 5, you can choose a category. Your choice is very basic. Warrior, mage, rogue, or acolyte.From there, you can learn skills and use of the appropriate type of weapon.Back to ground.

Although AVABEL currently there is no any task or goal, it compensate for the game.AVABEL is one of the few MMO game on Android and based on the operation of one of the combat system. It also provides a maze run through and get a prize. The game also has a decent PvP arena system, where you can other players in a huge stage (currently limited to 100 players open beta period in total). Closest to the task, you will find that is a quest NPCS who allows you to take usually have failed the ultimate goal of a BOSS monster (Jabbawock mission at present, I have a chance, but I won't go close to this mission...)

Have a full implementation of the guild system, for players to join a guild, collecting booty, together they can choose to return for the guild points, not for sale. Guild points allow guild to improve the skills of the guild, beneficial to all guild members.

So, if you are looking for a decent MMO, will certainly to AVABEL online a try. If you are interested, we also have a guild fans of this site. Check Droid Gamer in guild board, and send in the application, you will be a room because there are most likely to accept as soon as possible.

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