Archenemy teach you how to suck Wood and Food in the Clash of Kings

Strategy game Clash of Kings opens an activities named Archenemy that paragraph of time, if you kill the BOSS, you will get a rich Clash of Kings Wood and Food reward. But the Archenemy is not so easy to kill, what struck when need to pay attention to? Then we will take a look at this.

In the game after the archenemy activities open, players can gather resources in the castle for magic box, from which the player have chance to get eternal life needle, players only have this a prop to make itself when struck archenemy maximize revenues.Lord of the game in a big level also has many, various grades of archenemy players can choose rally struck, but if the player's castle level is not high, so suggest players choose the following five big devil king, so that we can keep its kill once or several times.

Players want a great Lord smote throughout the game, and then the first requires its own output enough, so players in the game to bring high pikemen, suggested players choose 8 pikemen, 8 of the cavalry and though, so you have the strong output, but we have the output light is not enough, also need meat shield at the top of the front, so suggested that a third of all the units in the output of the assembled to if near the guard.

Players must let many units when assembled and highest level of the Allies in war hall, so players can gather a big enough to kill voldemort's team.Best players when struck archenemy collection "the position of the archenemy, such one thousand players not to kill, can also immediately gathered to kill, that you are not afraid to be themselves playing residual blood archenemy is picking up to others.

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