Final Fantasy 14 a layer 4 strategy

Bach encounters the fourth floor no theory of BOSS, only elite blame and FFXIV Gil. Although there is no BOSS, but the fourth floor, very tall to the requirement of the DPS for new players to small make up recommend first before swiping a layer 2 left ascend to a certain level and then to consider such as brush on the fourth floor. Bach encounters a total is divided into six stages, namely will brush strange 6 waves, whole completed.

The first wave of strange: 6 clockwork worm. This simple, T pull together, the dark, relentless nuclear explosion. Strive for FFXIV Gil the fastest seconds for them. Almost 50 seconds, if you haven't finished. T directly to the 12 o 'clock and 9 o 'clock position waiting for the second wave spawns. the second wave of strange: two soldiers and two knights. Each T pull the two small blame, DPS can be first, and so on, such as T pull hatred steady output again. Melee priority knight, the mage can play soldiers. Players should first clean up MT small strange here, and also is the small blame at 9 o 'clock direction. After the speed of qing dynasty, waiting for the third wave of refresh.

The third wave of strange: 1 only the locomotive and four wind worm. The third wave of FFXIV Gil the locomotive refresh at nine o 'clock, if some scholars in the party, should be fixed in the elf refresh position against the wall, when the monster refresh, MT pulls the locomotive back to the crowd. No accident should be treated for a clockwork of hatred, hatred to quickly ran to the locomotive, eat four clockwork insect feeding locomotive, the locomotive before eating a clockwork worm, DPS reserves, such as after eating at full output. The treatment should be bullish on MT blood, the extra attention.

Conclusion: in today's version of brush Bach 4 or very easily, is in the brush but can please the old players to bring you, believed that this time there are also many old practice trumpet players need to brush equipment. As long as know each strange play, Bach 4 basic is not difficult with FFXIV Gil.

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