Dragomon Hunter Gold undead activity play is introduced

How to play the Dragomon Hunter Gold undead activity? Recently, a lot of players confused, after the update of the siege version, more out of the weekend activities - kill red dragon souls, a lot of new players don't know how to do this activity, so here to make an introduction for your Dragomon Hunter Gold. First said the reward of the activity, this activity biggest reward is to have a chance to get a cloak "heritage of furious red dragon". This cloak a effect: 100 increase in power for 10 seconds 100 agile 100 wisdom, property is good and is permanent, so it worth to do it.

The activity time is: in November to December 10, 12 weekly on Sunday on Saturday, and then twice a day, 18 o 'clock and 22 o 'clock, respectively, summarizes the four times a week. Venue for 4, choose a place to do good, respectively is the shadow of the wind village, tiger roared ridge mountains, island and fantasy island. Activity time this four locations will be a local NPC called Dragomon Hunter Gold, he pick task, here I send this Dragomon Hunter Gold NPC in different parts of the position, convenient you find.

The task will give you a bow, and then you take the red dragon near his bow to shoot, the task of the reward is to give you a box. After finish the task, there is a great red dragon, near you will take this bow to shoot the red dragon can red dragon forgot a screenshot (sorry). Then 10 million blood red dragon, you may worry that the task is only 10 minutes can't kill, here don't have to worry about Dragomon Hunter Gold, because this is an activity, so red in about 10 minutes no matter how much blood will die. So everyone in that wait for 10 minutes. But this activity for things are still very good. Good-looking and practical.

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