SWTOR Credits: the new DLC demonstrate the first exposure

EA has launched the "SWTOR Credits first paid DLC ring outside the" Star "of real machine game demo. SWTOR Credits "outer galaxies" DLC will add Greedo and farmers, cloth (Nien Nunb) two new hero characters, and will add a new game mode "emergence (Extraction)", this mode resistance army must be before the time runs out of galaxies emerge from the periphery with precious resources, while playing the imperial army players before resistance army reached out point to intercept them.

In addition the DLC will also add new weapons and DT - 12 V - 10 rifle pistol, new CARDS are shotguns (Scatter Gun), gas grenades (Dioxis Grenade) and epinephrine (Adrenaline Stim). New map is located in the industrial zone and the tower which the planet Sullust for planet jabba's room.

SWTOR Credits"interstellar outer ring" DLC, with four new maps (Sullust and Tatooine planet), a new model of "Extraction" (Extraction), and a new hero role Greedo, Nien Nunb. In extraction mode, the rebel side to extract resources transferred to before the end of the time a transport ship, at the same time, the empire one party to the end of the time to kill it. "Star outer ring" DLC will be listed on March 22, the earliest is not a senior member of ordinary players would experience on April 5th. Individual sells for $15. If you want to save money, can buy contains four $50 DLC DLC season tickets. Buy season tickets to the players can experience the DLC two weeks in advance.

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