Aces 3D hand movements Tour AVABEL dual-platform beta

With 360-degree viewing angle based on lock-free, AVABEL with a full immersive combat system, greatly improve the play of the players reflect moves skills, skills of the release timing requirements by enemy attack action anticipation, play a unique roll dodge, play good defensive back, it is perfect for all cheering operation. You can also earn the AVABEL Gold in the game. You're no longer following the prompts to perform a burst of chaos by point, but a invincible, all-conquering operator! Move your finger, you can also transform himself into the envy of everyone operating the god! Most importantly, massive PVP, thousands of war tower attack, absolutely love PK ultimate fun you should not be missed.

You maybe want to ask the question that is uxiliary certain weak or Law must be weak? AVABEL break all occupational limited, so you are free to create a dream hero. Violence worship, Melee Master or Soldiers assassinated. Everything you want, your favorite occupation, can own with you. Seven Department of occupation, dozens of branches, 5 basis of selection attributes, you can experience the following faculties career, to choose their own type of fighting in the tower in the world.

Suppression equipment is not a problem! The level of repression is not the key! AVABEL is fighting madman across grade ignore equipment PK game. You need to constantly observe enemy movements to seize flaws one by one to overcome. And team collaboration, assisted blessing, control field of law, soldiers fight, you not only have opponents, teammates and more! Whether in the BOSS kill, or in the "Battle Royale", team battle, guild war, war towers and other activities, pull your friends, your group from the Legion, AVABEL is one you can all your friends competing against newcomers tour. Compared to conventional hand travel, it's more interactive!

Aces 3D hand movements Tour AVABEL dual-platform beta is now open! Let us work together to create their own unique roles in AVABEL, the war from one day! In the game, create brilliant legend bar! AVABEL - you can not miss!

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