ArcheAge equipment to strengthen skills to share

ArcheAge will be based on the equipment to strengthen the level of equipment and enhanced level requirements, ranging from money, the higher the level and the level of ArcheAge Gold demand for money is relatively more so in strengthening the above can be determined based on the amount of capital they hold an average strengthen all of the equipment or the equipment on a single investment.

There strengthen the process may encounter some bottlenecks, such as the epic you want to say perfect, but do not increase, their colors are always back and forth a few times, this time we can use some props to increase the success rate, the current mall within the different levels have different auxiliary equipment can be purchased stone.

This part is actually very difficult to prove with numbers, but back to the continuous probability discussed above, then the use of cheap equipment as mats can strengthen high failure rate and increase during the corresponding probability of success.

No matter which one is in the game, we often see some people because strengthened with full equipment failure frustration and regret leaving the game, for your comrades and good partners, please be psychologically prepared before the construction and strengthening, even if the failure is also possible to make a comeback, not afraid to stay in the Castle in the wood burning.

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