Now Aura Kingdom gold are now avaiable for the Chimera

Now Aura Kingdom Gold are now avaiable for the Chimera ,Gain-Fr ,Hydra and Siren .Our site as a leader in the game currency market,We sold over billions of game currency to customers all over the world .For Aura Kingdom gold we guarantee a delivery within 5 minutes.Let's just try out the interesting game now !

It is the time for you guys to get married with your bride or groom. Are you ready? Now you can have the wedding outfits in Aura Kingdom that will make you look your own way. The amazing idea is that all these out fits are customizable, that is to say you can just make your wedding dress be orange or green, or whatever you want!

This is a skill set sample that lays stress on Aura Kingdom . Actually, Guardian has a lot of effective skills that will help a lot when you are playing Aura Kingdom . However, we choose Guardian as a secondary job here so that the CD time will be tripled. As a result, the CD time of those effective skills will be increased up to more than 15sec, making a lot of skill could only be used once. On this condition,Aura Kingdom Gold’s players have to win victory in a very short time. If we use this class combination in playing dungeon, although its survival ability is good, it should be very careful to confront a boss.

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